This publication is addressed to those who want to give meaning to life, there where the trials of life itself, seem to want to take it away from us.

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There are rare opportunities in which pausing and thinking doesn't imply recalling commonplaces. The topics of this work open a transparent door in an original and deep way, a consciousness where the great spirit and the little human being meet each other beyond affliction and death, both physical and inner. These themes are footprints that trace borders to have access to the lands of smile and irony, where the sun shines and the moon is mirrored, the lands of those who don't settle for crumbs, not even for the power of richness, both material and cultural." The author proposes a reflection about the sense of life, within a richness of liberating contents, where rationality is captured by astonishment. It is an inner journey, in secret and unheard places that reveal a map which guides us where we need to be, uniquely for who we are.

An Alphabetical Index

on the last page collects the 186 themes. By the +1 found on the cover, I wanted to highlight the sense of continuity as totality through 3 written passages: in the Presentation with the footnote “Dance”, on page 50 together with “Death” (following the thought “Birth”), concluding with “The painter” on the penultimate page.

A Progressive Numbering

of themes. To each one of these are attributed two dates of the solar year and, consolidating the months with biannual intervals (e.g. 1st January with 1st July), 186 themes are obtained.


In the summary are respectively found: months, the number attributed to each theme and page numbers.

Ease of Consultation

You will be able to combine the playful aspect by comparing the dates with coinciding personal facts, with a deeper read of the contents.


10 themes taken from the book, of central meaning to the work.

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Enrico Morini

EXPERTISE: Author - Counselor - Interior Designer - Drummer and Teacher - Founding Member in Armando Editore for Education and School: presidential MIUR nominations.

Enrico Morini, performs a mission of social and interpersonal help. Teacher within interculturalism and arts, he opens ethics to spiritual paths, without sacrificing research in several fields. Back in the eighties he founded a project of art, culture and spirituality that, in order to express its core value and for the sake of metaphor, he will call Talentibus, area in which he will devise new languages; among these, the Ritmosofia, the Architettura Terapeutica and the Animogramma. He will also expand his collaboration with his son Danil and with Maria Cristina Parmeggiani (Professorship of Visual Arts - University of Third Age of Modena).

Enrico, son of an artist, worked in craftsmanship and design, he collaborated inside of his studio, with different schools of architecture, design and art; As a musician, he taught the basics of drums to his son Danil from a young age (, he travelled around the world, and crossed the study of medicine, psychology and philosophy, from India (Hinduism) to Tibet (Mahāyāna Buddhism). And in Italy too, inside of the Dominican University of Bologna (Thomism), but always referring to his roots. He claims that, throughout research, we can learn with a kaleidoscopic approach, in order to reach an elevated degree of awareness and competence through reading, in parallel with courses and masters held by accredited teachers, so that we can improve relationships through everything we do, turning our encounters into cultural spaces where the soul can guide everyone's destiny, rediscovering the power of love and spirituality.


December 6, 2019

Enrico Morini is picked by the publisher Armando Editore among 3.000 authors, on occasion of their 70th anniversary, to present "In The Secret Heart of The Heart" at the Rome international book trade inside of the "Nuvola di Fuksas", a masterpiece by the architect.

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The work is translated in English and published as eBook for: Apple Books, Google Books, Kobo, Amazon Books and many others.


The work "In The Secret Heart of The Heart" is released as eBook on the main platforms, among these: La Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Apple Books, Google Books, IBS, Amazon Books and many others.


The book, tuned by the author for 10 years, is judged as "original and educational" by the Armando Editore commission, and therefore published in paper form. Armando is Rome's most historycal University publishing house, worthy of having made some important international authors famous. Some Nobels among these, would have become "Masters" of the thinking from the XXth century.

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